Big Brother 2015 housemates: We may already know some of this year's cast...

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It sounds like the Big Brother 2015 housemates could well be another typical fame hungry bunch.

Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark says that we may well have seen or heard of some before, much like with a lot of last year's group.

But Rylan insisted that it didn't take away from the selected wannabes making for a great line up this summer.

He revealed: “I know who is going in, I was in the room when they were selected. This year more than ever, we’ve got a real mix of people. This is the widest net that we’ve ever cast.

"We’ve got young, middle aged and older — and although we’ve got the typical stereotypes, they don’t fit the bracket they’re in. So, for example, a young, pretty girl might not be what she seems."

Rylan admitted: “You might have seen a couple of the contestants if you really dug for them.

"But even if they’ve been in the papers or on a show before, we select them because they’re going to be brilliant housemates."

And it seems like Big Brother has cast the housemates this year for maximum conflict, as Rylan added to The Sun newspaper today: “Some of these people are so far one way and then some are so far the other way that there’ll be no common ground."

The Big Brother 2015 start date has been confirmed for May 12, next Tuesday at 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the new Big Brother UK house below...

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