Big Brother 2015 live feed still not coming back for Timebomb series

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Bad but not unsurprising news for uber fans of Big Brother with little live feed scheduled for this year's series.

While the 'Timebomb' twist may see former housemates, tasks and twists return the live feed is very much staying in the past.

The new run kicks off on Tuesday evening with a 2 hour launch from 9PM before Bit On The Side airs with Rylan Clark straight after until midnight.

Our first taste of live house action then begins for an hour but it looks like that's the most we'll ever be getting on one night.

The next instalment of live feed isn't until Friday evening following the second live show of the week and Bit On The Side.

Over the next few weeks the schedules show similar short stints of footage from the house only airing after the main live shows.

The lack of live feed has long been a big complaint amongst Big Brother fans ever since it was cut back in the days that the series was still on Channel 4.

An online subscription model was trialled for one series while in 2013 5* aired live footage nightly for all of a month before it too was canned.

But while live feed may not be coming back, this year will see the return of Big Brother to TV screens in Ireland.

The show has been off-air there since the Channel 5 but this summer will air on TV3 and 3e.

"As the new director of content for TV3, I am delighted to announce the return of Big Brother UK to Irish screens," TV3's Lynda McQuaid said this week. "Big Brother and all its spinoffs are large, explosive, constantly evolving, creative vibrant television properties that appeal to a varied cross-section of the audience, and will find a perfect home on TV3 and 3e."

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