Helen Wood slams 'parasite' former Big Brother housemates

Big Brother Summer 2014

It turns out that when it comes to 'Where are they now?' last year's Big Brother housemates are still at one another's throats.

We posted a little about Steven Goode and Kimberly Kisselovich's wedding at the weekend but it seems away from the glossy professional pictures the day was marred by rows and arguments.

At least that's according to last year's BBUK winner Helen Wood.

She's lashed out at some of the show's former housemates for being "parasites" after some missed the wedding and others demanded that their costs be paid.

Those who did attend alongside Helen included Ash Harrison, Winston Showan and even Pav Paul (remember him?!)

But Mark Byron missed the date leading to a very angry rant from Helen in her latest Daily Star column.

She also took aim at Jale Karaturp, claiming that she would only attend the wedding if her hotel was paid for.

Helen wrote online: "I've just about had enough of people taking the p**s out of good honest people.

"Call me what you will, when it comes to money, I'd rather be known as a lot of the things I am known for than a sponging freeloading tramp."

It all led to some advice from the latest winner for the upcoming Big Brother 2015 housemates: "It's a dog eat dog kinda house and remembering NOT to get too attached is the best way to sail through these kind of opportunities, saves your fingers getting burnt when reality hits home."

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