Another former Big Brother contestant has turned up on Judge Rinder


It seems that ITV's Judge Rinder has become the dumping ground for former Big Brother housemates.

Today's show saw Big Brother 2008's Luke Marsden appear in court claiming £805 for the replacement of a damaged games console, headset and game he had loaned to a friend.

Luke won the case but was only awarded £325 of his full claim.

After the ruling, Luke said: "I'm a little disappointed it wasn't the full amount."


Luke's appearance came after Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace appeared on on the daytime series earlier this year.

She took her fellow former Big Brother housemate Michael Cheshire to court for £2,475 over a loan she had made to him.

Aisleyne won the case in full despite Michael's defence that there was no deadline to pay back the amount he had been lent.

Aisleyne said on the show: "It was so important to me to win the case.


"I'm so happy. I've lent money to so many people. People always take my kindness for weakness and I'm glad that the judge has voted in my favour because it's my money and I've worked hard for it."

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