BB7's Pete Bennett reveals he's homeless and skint!

pete bennett

Former Big Brother winner Pete Bennett has revealed that he's homeless and skint.

Appearing on ITV's The Jeremy Kyle Show yesterday (Thursday 2nd April), the reality star revealed all about his past struggles with drug addiction, his Tourette's and coping with his initial fame.

Bennett, who rose to fame in the seventh series of the reality show, then aired on Channel 4, said: ''The work dried up pretty fast. No-one would touch me with a barge pole because I was to do with Big Brother. I lost it all.''

Talking about coping with fame after appearing on the show, Pete said: ''It all kind of went wrong, it didn't go to plan. I had all that money and I didn't know what to do with it. I put it on the wrong things.''

"I was homeless after having so much money, it's easy come, easy go. The fame pushed me in a way I didn't want to go, I didn't like it."

He also admitted to becoming addicted to ketamine in the wake of the deaths of a number of his close friends, counting seven who have passed away between his 2006 victory and now.

''I got into drugs 15 years ago, I've always been a party animal, I was addicted to ketamine,'' he revealed.

Pete, who is now clean, revealed that he had to seek professional help to beat his addiction.

''He [the therapist] asked me about loss and I told him about all my friends that had died. I obviously hadn't been dealing with it, I'd been taking K and being disassociated with it,'' Bennett revealed.

Pete also spoke about his ambitions, revealing that he is venturing into acting. "I've got into acting... I'm working my way up the ladder, because I wanted to do it," he said.

Big Brother will return to our screens this summer on Channel 5.

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