Celebrity Big Brother bosses pay for Perez Hilton's therapy!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Perez Hilton has claimed that Celebrity Big Brother bosses have being paying for him to attend therapy.

It seems that the outlandish celebrity blogger isn't quite over his experience in the house, nor having to share the limelight with Katie Hopkins.

He told US radio show SiriusXM show: “I’ve been seeing my therapist a lot lately. I actually got the show to pay for me to go to therapy.

"They don’t voluntarily offer that but I told them I needed it and made them pay”.

Perez hit out at Katie H (again), who finished as runner up to Katie Price in the final, suggested that she bullied him and others.

He ranted: "This woman is a straight up troll and hater, she says cruel things about groups of people. She hates fat people, she thinks they’re lazy, she doesn’t believe in learning disabilities; she won’t hire people with tattoos.

"She’s doing it as an act, she’s denied it but she is."

The showbiz presenter went on to say that life in the house left him ill and unable to sleep.

"In your real life you can hopefully extricate yourself from the situation but I couldn’t in [there]," he said.

Perez added: "I knew it was jealousy and insecurity which is why she was lashing out at me”.

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