Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins says Perez Hilton killing himself would 'do the world a favour'

katie h

Katie Hopkins has said that Perez Hilton 'would do the world a favour' if he committed suicide.

In a sign that a warring pair won't be calling a truce any time soon, Katie hit out at Perez in a new magazine interview.

Speaking to Now this week, Katie responded to Perez's remark in the house (from week's ago now) where he said he would 'kill himself' if he were Katie's child.

Katie retorted: "If he did top himself, he'd do the world a favour."

She added: "I feel for his son. He doesn't have a balance or someone else to look up to, he only has Perez."

However other than those comments, Katie generally showed a much softer side in her interview.

She told the magazine how spending four weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother house made her appreciate time with her family more.

"Being away helps you learn to spend less time focusing on the moans and groans, and more time appreciating them," Katie said. "When I left the house the kids came to stay with me. And instead of wanting to go out into London they just wanted us all to stay together in the room and just hold on to me."

Although on Twitter Katie has been her usual controversy causing self, branding singer Kelly Clark fat following the birth of her recent baby.

"Jesus, what happened to Kelly Clarkson? Did she eat all of her backing singers? Happily I have wide-screen," Katie wrote as Kelly appeared on The Graham Norton show.

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