Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price brands Katie Hopkins 'ugly jealous bully' in HUGE rant

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Price has launched a scathing attack against Katie Price following the end of Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

The two rivals went head to head in the final with Katie P winning the public vote.

They've since thrown insults back and forth in the press, with Katie H branding Katie P's victory a "complete con".

Katie P this weekend has hit back with a mega rant in The Sun on Sunday newspaper (paid link).

The model claimed: "Deep down she [Katie H] wants to be a glamour puss but with a face and body like that it’s hard.

“She kept taking her top off in the house to reveal her abs, but she’s got a very unfortunate SpongeBob SquarePants figure and her skin is covered in unsightly moles.”

Continuing to attack Katie H's appearance, Katie P went on: "At first I thought Katie Hopkins had food stuck in her teeth but when I got closer I realised it’s actually a crown on her front tooth which has gone all black. That explains the foul smelling breath which made life hell in there.”

Katie P reckons that Katie H has been nothing but a "sore loser" since the CBB final last Friday night and accused her of being a "bully"... who also "rarely showered."

Katie P told the newspaper today: “Going into the house, my attitude to Katie Hopkins was, ‘Let’s give her a chance’.

"But I came to the conclusion that she is only one per cent nice and 99 per cent nasty. She seems to think people find her funny but the sad part is the joke’s on her."

She concluded on her nemesis: "She is a vicious, jealous bully driven by deep unhappiness and greed.

Katie P went on to declare that this would be a "good year" for her.

She said: "I’m not going to let people take advantage of me or bully me. This is going to be my year. The Pricey is back.”

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