Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins can't cope with people being NICE to her

Katie H.

Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Hopkins has said she's struggling to cope with people being NICE to her.

After being voted the runner up in last week's final, Katie revealed how the change in attitude towards her has been hard to adjust to.

Katie told how she's become accustomed to having insults thrown at her with nicknames such as “big nose” and “horse face” in her school days.

She told Ireland's Late Late Show last night: "I didn’t mind being hated and I understand that my strong opinions mean I’m hated by a lot of people. But I went into the CBB house to boos and came out to cheers.

“Now I don’t know how to deal with compliments."

One person who hasn't been won over however is Celebrity Big Brother winner Katie Price.

She appeared on This Morning yesterday and took quite the swipe at her rival, branding Katie H a “disgusting human being”.

Katie P added: "She has got a nasty side to her and if I was her mum and dad I’d be ashamed of her because I think her attitude is disgusting.”

Talking about their time in the house together, Katie P accused Katie H of causing ‘all of the rows’.

She said: “Katie would always start the arguments and I’m sure he was entertaining to watch, but those two argued all the time and it just got boring in the end because it was the same old thing.”

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