Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price slams "disgusting" Katie Hopkins

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Price has blasted Katie Hopkins in a mega rant after their appearance together on Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

The duo clashed repeatedly in their last week inside the house and have continued to throw insults at one another after Katie P triumphed over Katie H in the final.

Katie H tweeted last Saturday evening: "Pricey bored the tits off me in #CBB. Today, she had her dodgy ones removed by the surgeon. Is that karma?"

And Katie H also claimed: "Dear #TeamKatieHopkins. Thank you for all your support. Three cheers for the worthy winners of #cbb 2015: @CalumBest and @michellevisage"

Speaking on This Morning today (Friday), Katie P hit back with quite the rant, branding her rival a "disgusting human being".

Katie P explained: "I went in the house wanting to like her because I thought I might be able to have banter with her because I thought she looked like she could be quite funny. But I did a full circle with her.

"I am confused as to who she is. She has got this soft side, but a lot of it is the nasty side. And I think since she's been out - and I saw her on Loose Women the other day - I think she thinks that people voted for her more because they like her being a bully, so I think she's become more of that.

"But if she doesn't watch it people will turn on her... and then what has she got? If she hasn't got the Sun column, what else does she do? She has got a nasty side to her and if I was her mum and dad I'd be ashamed of her because I think her attitude is disgusting."

Katie P went on to talk about her time in the house and accused Katie H of causing 'all of the rows'.

She said: "Katie would always start the arguments and I'm sure he was entertaining to watch, but those two argued all the time and it just got boring in the end because it was the same old thing."

Katie H, who today celebrates her 40th(!) birthday, has yet to respond but we predict a bit of a Twitter comeback isn't too far away...

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