Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin slams "w**ker" Perez Hilton

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Celebrity Big Brother may be over by the housemates are still at one another's throats.

Keith Chegwin this week has hit out at Perez Hilton, branding the American blogger a "w**ker" and a "tosser".

Speaking about his time in the house, Keith - who finished fourth in last Friday's final - said of living with Perez: "I'm not a violent person but there were times when I really wanted to smack him!

"He's a total w**ker - the biggest tosser I've ever met."

Getting firmly off the fence, Keith continued and hit out at Katie Hopkins' treatment of Alicia Douvall.

"I went off Katie when she had a go at Alicia - it was one of the cruellest things I'd ever seen," Keith claimed.

But the TV funnyman did at least enjoy spending time with one of his fellow housemates, eventual winner Katie Price.

"She's just so normal, we have the sense sense of humour. And shes a grafter," Keith gushed, revealing how the pair bonded over their horses.

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton has blamed Katie H as the cause of most arguments in the house and told how just by smiling things would kick off.

"Katie started nearly every argument, but I riled a lot of them because it was silly that I could rile people just by smiling at them!" he explained.


Big Brother returns to Channel 5 in the summer.

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