Celebrity Big Brother 2015 secrets revealed! Who peed in the pool and which star had a 'breakdown'?

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

With the series now over, some of the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 secrets have been revealed.

We only see some 40 minutes of highlights a night from over 50 hours of footage each day so it's not too surprising we've missed out on plenty.

One of the big controversies in the house that didn't make it onto air was Cami Li's repeated PEEING in the hot tub.

Katie Hopkins revealed this week after leaving on Friday night: “Cami used to p*** in the Jacuzzi every time she went in there.

"She kept having to go to the diary room to be told off because it wasn’t hygienic.”

Katie H also claimed that Keith Chegwin suffered "a kind of breakdown" after being nominated that even resulted in the show's psychiatrist stepping in.

“He always said he didn’t care what happened, but every time he was nominated he had a kind of breakdown," she explained. “He didn’t wash, didn’t do his hair, couldn’t sleep and started banging on the bedroom door at night. He turned into a complete mental patient.

“It was so bad the psychiatrist asked to see him.”

Patsy Kensit's secret spray tans were revealed mid-way through the series but her rider also includes hair removal and highlights.

And as for Alicia Douvall? Well it seems that what we saw on the telly was a pretty good representation of what was really going on inside the house.

Katie H said: "She was a vacuous old bint who’s had too much surgery.

“She didn’t know her alphabet but is home-schooling her daughter. I didn’t realise people that thick existed.”

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