Celebrity Big Brother 2015 winner Katie Price rushed to hospital over her boobs

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 winner Katie Price has been rushed to hospital in Belgium for an emergency boob op.

Katie's dodgy boobs were a hot topic in the house this year with the CBB star blaming issues with her recent breast reduction for being 'boring'.

At one point Katie left the house to see doctors who told her she needed to leave the show completely for medical attention - but she refused.

Katie, who had originally been set to enter the summer series, flew straight to Belgium for an op on her breasts this weekend.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper today: “Katie is not well at all and needs immediate medical attention.

She has flown out to Belgium so that she can get the help she needs from surgeons.”

Meanwhile, CBB runner up Katie Hopkins last night hit out at Katie P for deciding to stick it out in the house.

Which isn't that surprising given it would've left her to win the series on Friday.

Katie H revealed: The surgeon came in three times to look at her and she was on huge amounts of antibiotics. It was just bonkers. Her relationship with her boobs is off-the-scale bonkers.

“You’d think that when one was falling out of your body you’d call it a day. But she was determined to be there on Friday. "

She added: “She kept saying: ‘I know I’ve been boring but I’ll come back in the summer and I’ll be able to drink and flash my t*ts.’

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