Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins lays in to Katie Price (again)

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Hopkins has once again taken aim at Katie Price following last night's CBB final.

In her press conference call this morning, Katie H branded Katie P a "tedious" winner who didn't deserve the victory.

"She was dull and as boring as hell," Katie H complained. “She told Eamonn Holmes herself that she didn’t deserve her fee and I reinforce that.

"She had no opinions on anything no conversations and I found her a very tedious individual.”

Katie H added: "There isn’t much going on in her little brain. She’s a nobody with a pair of t*ts.”

She claimed that Katie P 'couldn't write' and continued to rant: “In reality she has no debate to offer and when she doesn’t have the vocabulary she just makes up words. ‘electrocathic’ is how she described ‘The Katie monster’, That was special.”

Katie H suggested that she was the 'hero' of the series, thanking Perez Hilton for taking up the role of house villain that she may have otherwise found herself in.

But despite being angry about losing and still HATING Perez, Katie H did love her time in the house.

And she revealed how despite all the rows and arguments, her four weeks inside helped to 'half cure' her epileptic fits.

"For me it half cured my epilepsy," Katie H explained. "There’s no phone to check nothing to worry about, it’s just freedom."

Big Brother returns to Channel 5 in the summer.

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