Celebrity Big Brother 2015 winner: 'Boring' Katie Price 'doesn't understand' how she won

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 winner Katie Price has admitted to being stunned to have won the show.

It was Katie P who won Celebrity Big Brother 2015 tonight, beating Katie Hopkins in the final vote.

After leaving the house, Katie P spoke to Emma and confessed to being completely shocked by her victory.

She said: "I don't understand...I went in with a medical problem...I think I've been boring, so don't know why I'm here!"

Emma then asked if she was aware that some people were unhappy she entered the House late to which Katie Price replied, "It was a crazy House and I can't believe I've been in there three weeks...it's not my fault I went in late...I'm still me, but if there's arguments and stuff...normally I'd be 'don't take the piss out of fat kids'...i just didn't have the energy to argue with it."

Despite having a history with a few people in the House, Katie Price maintained, "I went in the House to find new friends who are loyal..." When asked who she trusted, Katie Price said "I definitely trusted Keith...he's so lovely. I just followed him around like a sheep. Cami...I just hope she hasn't been bitchy about me. And Michelle..."

On Perez, Katie Price said, "Perez doesn't bother me...I've met Perez before and he's always been a nice guy..."

The conversation moved onto Katie Hopkins. Katie Price said: "I like Katie...I've seen she has a real soft side, a loving side...maybe she did try to push my buttons a few times...I spoke up when I needed to."

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Big Brother UK will return to Channel 5 in the summer

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