Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2015? CBB UK final results recap!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 winner confirmed

Katie P.

Katie Price who won Celebrity Big Brother 2015 in tonight's final results - here's a full recap of last night's live show.

First out in the CBB 2015 results was Michelle Visage who left in fifth place after polling the fewest votes.

She told host Emma Willis: "I knew what I was up against with those four in there, they're huge brands in the UK and I'm from a show that doesn't even air here. I'm honoured to be in the final with those four. "

It was then back to the house for Emma who announced that Keith Chegwin had finished the show in fourth place.

He told Emma: I’ve always thought it would be great to be on Big Brother and that I would have loved to be on…It has been a nightmare, but I’ve actually quite enjoyed it… 70 per cent hell and 30 per cent brilliant…I kept myself busy”.

On being in the middle of Katie Hopkins Vs Perez Hilton in the house, Keith added: It was like watching ping pong…It really was crazy…Perez I could not believe. He disappointed me and I don’t want to know him. His rudeness and cruelty towards other people…I’ve washed my hands of him.”

Then third place was announced with Calum Best leaving to huge cheers and screams from the live crowd.

"I'm thrilled to bits with that, but I'm absolutely exhausted...it's such a cool thing I'll never forget!" he said to Emma.

Back to the house where Katie Price and Katie Hopkins awaited the final result.

After a HUGE pause, Katie PRICE was confirmed as the winner.

She stayed in the house alone as Katie Hopkins left the house as runner up.

Speaking to Emma, Katie H said: “I was the most hated housemate in history going in…I’m a tough old bird."

On starring in ‘The Perez Show’, Katie H said: "I like to call it ‘Perez making t*t of himself’.

"It was good to be his adversary and to pick up his bunny and smack it against a wall. If Perez wasn’t in there I would have been everybody’s least favourite person and a complete cow. If he wasn’t the biggest t**t I could have been the second biggest t**t. I was the knight in shining armour and then you gave him the power of information and I blame you”.

Then it was Katie Ps' turn to leave, telling Emma not-so-victoriously: "I don't understand...I went in with a medical problem...I think I've been boring, so don't know why I'm here!"

Are you happy with the results? Who did you want to win? Add your comments below!

Big Brother UK will return to Channel 5 in the summer

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