Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez Hilton blasts "vile" Katie Hopkins and show editors

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

CBB's Perez Hilton has blasted "vile" Katie Hopkins and slammed show editors

After getting the chop on Wednesday night, Perez has had a chance to watch back some footage from the past month and isn't too happy about what he's seen.

Speaking yesterday, Perez insisted that was only ever a "fool" in the house as opposed to "mean" Katie Hopkins.

“I was a silly clown, in the best way possible. I took it really far," he explained. “I am happier choosing the path of court jester, fool, idiot, than the path of Katie Hopkins who said mean things to so many people in the house and behind their backs.

“She called Nadia fat, called Alicia stupid. Did I really hurt people by sticking cheese up my nose?"

But Perez admitted: “I think she gives great television.

"I think she’s playing a massive game. I think people at home are enjoying watching her being vile and nasty.”

The showbiz blogger went on to hit out at some misleading editing, revealing how his coughing in the bedroom that eventually led to Alexander O'Neal's exit was because Big Brother weren't opening the door to the Diary Room.

“I was naive enough to think the show I was editing in my head was the one they were showing," Perez remarked.

Meanwhile, also evicted this week, former housemate Kavana said of his time in the house: It was like living in an insane asylum for 24 hours a day.

“Perez is mental. He scared me to death.”

The Celebrity Big Brother 2015 final airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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