Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins picks on Keith Chegwin

katie hopkins keith

Katie Hopkins has continued to pick on Keith Chegwin in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Earlier this evening, we told how Katie H has been left upset by Keith making the final, saying that only Perez would've been worse.

“It’d be funny to have one of the others as opposed to Switzerland [Keith]," Katie H said after remarking on how three of her "fabulous four" had made it to the final.

Katie's jibes at Keith continued throughout the last night in the house, first in a bicker over dinner.

Keith and Katie clashed when he went to double check what time was best to prepare their evening meal.

Apparently that was a something you should not do.

Later on, as Keith napped, supposedly intelligent Katie somehow managed to confuse the English St George's Cross flag with that of the Swiss flag as she attempted to make fun of the TV presenter.

She painted a red cross on a piece of paper with nail varnish before holding it up behind a sleeping Keith which she found absolutely hilarious.

We found it all rather embarrassing.

Celebrity Big Brother airs this evening from 9PM on Channel 5 with the final TOMORROW!

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