Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Price and Katie Hopkins erupt at one another

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Hopkins and Katie Price erupt into an argument on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.

It's all part of a new task which sees Eamonn Holmes enter the house to chair a 'CBB news' debate about the housemates.

He's joined by some special guests which include former CBB finalist James Jordan.

The outspoken former Strictly dancer doesn't mince his words as he declares: “If Perez wins Big Brother, I will never watch the show again…I can’t stand him.

"I can guarantee there’s people at home throwing s**t at their TV because he’s so vile, but you can’t help but watch it. It’s like driving past a car crash on the motorway and it’s really bad, but you can’t help but have a little look”

James asserts that the only person causing trouble is Perez, who he describes as a “vile human being…I think you’re disgusting!”

But throughout it all, Perez maintains that he doesn’t care if that’s how he’s being perceived and he swears on his son’s life that he wants to leave.

James then questions whether viewers will be bored of Katie Price. Katie P admits “they haven’t got value for money with me”

Later on, Katie Price is upset that she’s been described as boring in the House and an argument erupts between her and Katie Hopkins.

Watch the task and all the fallout from 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of this evening's show below...

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