Celebrity Big Brother 2015: James Jordan enters the house!

james jordan cbb

James Jordan has made a return to the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house this evening.

He was a special guest in a new task which has seen CBB fan and newsreader Eamonn Holmes also enter the house to chair some debates amongst the housemates.

Outspoken James gave his opinion on the CBB housemates, including "boring" Kav, saying the singer only came alive when he had a drink.

Kavana tried to stick up for himself and said: "I feel like I've spoken to other people, people have laughed [but] there's so much chaos.

"I think I let things build and after a few drinks..."

He added: "I think I'm getting involved, I've spoken up but its whether it's being shown."

Later on in the task, former CBB winner Jim Davidson called in and gave his opinions on the other housemates.

Meanwhile, Perez denied being "mad" but claimed he had been 'maddened' by the house.

Katie H admitted to getting on better with the blogger recently, saying: "In the last couple of days Perez has not been a complete ****, largely because his platform in Nadia has been removed."

However she added: "My hatred for Perez is still very deep, I think he should be kicked out, there's nothing I like."

Katie continued: "Perez doesn't stand for anything, doesn't know anything and is ultimately very ignorant. And to top it all, is American."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs from 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the latest house action from this evening highlights here...

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