Celebrity Big Brother 2015 FIXED for Perez Hilton?!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Perez Hilton is fixing Celebrity Big Brother 2015 for himself, it's been claimed.

Evicted housemate Cami Li - who left the house in a shock eviction on Monday night - has claimed that show bosses have been "running scared" from Perez and his legal team.

We've seen Perez call on Big Brother to speak to his lawyer in the house as well as threaten to leave unless his requests were met.

Cami said this week: “Big Brother definitely fixed that show.

"They do it because he makes good TV, they do it because of his mental weakness and they do it because he kept threatening them legally. They are running scared of him."

She revealed: “He’d shout out his lawyer’s number all the time, so they knew he meant business.”

Cami also suggested that Perez was using Big Brother and its strict rules to get away with things he wouldn't dare try outside of the house.

The tattoo model explained: “Perez is a little bitch. He’d never have said the things he said to Alexander outside of the house.

“He’d have got his ass kicked. He’s hiding behind Big Brother.

“Calum was going to punch him. He said if it had been in the street, he would have, but I held him back.”

Cami added: “I don’t know how Perez has gone through life without being killed.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs nightly on Channel 5 with a live double eviction TONIGHT ahead of the final on Friday.

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