Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin is left RAGING with Katie Hopkins

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Keith Chegwin and Katie Hopkins lock horns on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 highlights.

At the start of the day, Katie H seems to be looking for a row with Keith as she chats with Michelle and Cami Li.

Later on and following the live twist - which saw nominations played back to the house and Cami Li evicted - things kick off.

Keith says he was upset by Cami's departure, but Katie H thought he was 'playing a game', leading Keith to snap: “Don’t f**king turn around and tell me what to do.”

Keith goes on to snap at Katie H: “I’m disappointed in the way she went out…don’t go off on your sobering, you are Miss God tack again.”

Katie H maintains that he nominated her so should “own nominating her”, and Keith responds that he is “disappointed” in her and she is “playing word games again.”

Katie retorts: “Only my father can be disappointed in me, not Keith Chegwin.”

Later in the Diary Room, Katie tells Big Brother “When Keith Chegwin is nominated, he turns into a surly, grumpy, rude, obnoxious old man…the reason he doesn’t like being nominated is because he is determined to win…Let’s not forget, he voted for her to leave!”

Katie Hopkins then goes on to say “He and I are at cross swords… and in the moment he’s very angry I wasn’t up for nomination.”

After and it's Keith's turn to vent to BB in the Diary Room.

He rages: “I’m bloody angry…I got really angry at Katie Hopkins, and all of the Housemates actually…I’m ready for a fight if anybody wants to tackle me tonight…They say I’m Mr nice guy…I’m getting cheesed off with people having little digs…don’t cross me tonight”

Outside, Katie Hopkins suggests that Keith was trying to “own the sadness” of Cami-Li’s departure. Michelle agrees and notes that they had been talking about her. Katie Hopkins adds, “I don’t buy the good guy sh*t.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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