Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin argues with Katie Hopkins over Cami Li's exit

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Katie Hopkins and Keith Chegwin clashed over Cami Li's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 eviction last night.

Cami was booted out in a surprise exit via the magic mirror following the results of the weekend's nominations, which were played back to the house.

Keith and Katie's row began as Keith became annoyed at the other housemates who didn't seem too concerned by Cami's exit, and the way she left the house.

But with Katie H snapped: "Don't lecture us on the morality when you're the one that nominated her. You're trying to own the moment about being sad."

"Oh shut up," snapped Keith.

He explained: "I'm not lecturing, what I'm trying to say is that everybody is talking about what's going to happen next, the poor girl's just gone out through a wall. She hasn't gone out to boos or cheers or what have you.

"I'm just saying, for a few minutes, stop talking about predictions for the future, the show and how it's going to work, let's just think about Cami for a second. And I think that's fair, and don't tell me about morality, I'm just thinking about decency."

Keith then clarified for Katie: "What I'm saying is don't f**king turn around and tell me what to do."

Katie responded: "But let's remember that you nominated her and I didn't."


Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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