Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Explosive row shocks house after Cami Li eviction

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

An explosive row erupted in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house last night following Cami Li's shock eviction.

Cami was booted out of the house just hours after nominations were revealed to the group in a surprise exit.

CBB host Emma Willis entered the house to drag Cami out, via the magic mirror in the living area.

The shock exit ended with a blazing row between an upset Calum Best and Perez Hilton, following yet more clashes between Perez and Katie Hopkins.

After Katie H went to the Diary Rom, Perez declared to the rest of the housemates: "Katie Hopkins was trying to make Cami's departure all about Katie Hopkins, egging Keith on.

"She's playing all of you. I'm seeing she's playing all of you."

"And you're just playing, period." replied Calum.

Perez said: "Of course I'm playing, I'm playing me. I was just warning, ignore my warning, my warning may mean nothing to you, it's something I observed. It's a game so whatever you think it is."

"It's hard though when you're relentless. Dude why you keep going f**king on," Calum snapped. "Why do you have to make it relentlessly so difficult?"

"You can leave if you don't want to hear me talk. I'm just f**king talking," Perez parroted, "I'm just talking."

Calum in the end lost it: "Oh f**k off dude, shut up, I've been trying to be cool with you for so long and you're just being such a d**k to me, what's your f**king problem?"

"I don't even care about you, I don't even like you, I'm just living with you," Perez revealed.

And being told he wasn't Perez's pal seemed to really rile Calum who blasted: "Wow mate, and you're a f**king **** and you're a ****, I don't even like you, you're a loud obnoxious ****."

The pair's row escalated as Perez accused Calum of playing a game and claimed: "You've barely shown any of your real self in here."

Calum hit back: "Let me f**king tell you now, this is me, this is how I act, I am a genuinely honest chilled out person, you are a f**king, manipulating, nightmare of a person. Nobody likes you because you act like a d**khead dude."

He added: "You play up to everybody and that's why no one in this f**king country will like you.

"You'll probably never work in this country again."

Perez calmly responded: "I don't care if anybody likes me I don't care about the majority of you."

Watch all of the fallout on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother from 9PM on Channel 5.

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