Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Letters from home task causes rows and tears

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

It's a case of 'SHRED, SHRED, SHRED' on tonight's Big Brother as the housemates get letters from home.

But in true BB style, not everyone will be able to read theirs before its destroyed.

Housemates are paired and split into two groups. Perez and Katie Price, Calum and Cami-Li are in the living area while Keith and Kavana, Michelle and Katie Hopkins are in the task room.

The couples must take it in turns to play for their letters from home: One couple in each room stands behind a podium and is told that only one pair can receive their letters. In order to claim their letter, they must be the first pair to press a buzzer. However, if they press the buzzer, the other pair’s letters will be destroyed.

Michelle and Katie Hopkins are first paired against Perez and Katie Price. Perez and Katie Price decide not to press the buzzer because they would like Michelle to hear from her children

But in the other room, Katie H convinces Michelle to NOT press the button either, saying that there is a twist. As Neither pair presses the buzzer, all their letters are destroyed.

Next, Calum and Cami-Li play against Keith and Kavana. Calum tells Cami-Li that he understands that she wants to hear from home but adds that the other teams didn’t press the buzzer and they could still be rewarded as a group.

Both Keith and Kavana agree that they want to receive letters but would prefer Cami-Li to receive one.

As the klaxon sounds, Cami-Li immediately presses the buzzer, meaning Keith and Kavana’s letters are destroyed.

The Housemates then gather back together in the main house after the task and discuss Cami-Li’s decision to press the buzzer.

Katie Price explains that she asked her not to and Calum agrees but says he couldn’t turn against her. Cami-Li maintains that she was going by the rules and wanted to receive a letter from home.

In the Diary Room, Michelle says that she feels that Cami-Li was “selfish” to get her letter and feels better about herself for not being selfish.

She starts to cry and says that her daughter is “her hero.”

Michelle hoped if all housemates had “acted for the greater good” they may have had a chance to get one letter each and describes her thought process as “equality.”

Catch all the action from 8PM tonight on Channel 5.

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