Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 26 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's a recap of all the latest house action ahead of tonight's CBB 2015 live show.

It's Day 26 and Perez is killing time throwing beans at the wall.

Perez then suggests that Katie Hopkins should use her nose to clean the beans from the floor and she responds, “You’re going to have to come up with a cleverer insult than that Perez, if you think it’s going to touch the sides”.

Perez says that he doesn’t care about the money he is earning in the House and maintains that “It’s an opportunity to show the world the real me”. Katie Hopkins questions, “What happens if the real you turns out to be a complete and utter turnip, like I think you are?” further pressing, “If it’s not about the money, why don’t you just go?”

The discussion between Perez, Katie Hopkins and Michelle continues to heat up. Perez states that has been “traumatised” by the Big Brother experience.

The conversation then moves onto the merits of sarcasm and Perez tells Katie Hopkins, “Your witty is sh**ty!” From the kitchen, Keith remarks, “He’s not going to stop is he?” When Perez enters the kitchen, Keith tells him, “It’s gone on a bit long and I’m a bit bored of it now”

For today’s task, Housemates have been paired and split into two groups. Perez and Katie Price, Calum and Cami-Li are in the living area while Keith and Kavana, Michelle and Katie Hopkins are in the task room. The couples must take it in turns to play for their letters from home. One couple in each room stands behind a podium and is told that only one pair can receive their letters. In order to claim their letter, they must be the first pair to press a buzzer. However, if they press the buzzer, the other pair’s letters will be destroyed.

Michelle and Katie Hopkins are paired against Perez and Katie Price. While Perez and Katie Price decide not to press the buzzer because they would like Michelle to hear from her children, Michelle and Katie Hopkins are less sure. After further discussion, they also agree not to press the button as they believe Big Brother will change the rules in their favour. However, Katie Hopkins remarks, “Let’s remember Perez is a twat and let’s remember Pricey is thick” Neither pair presses the buzzer; therefore all their letters will be destroyed.

Next, Calum and Cami-Li play against Keith and Kavana. Calum tells Cami-Li that he understands that she wants to hear from home but adds that the other teams didn’t press the buzzer and they could still be rewarded as a group. Both Keith and Kavana agree that they want to receive letters but would prefer Cami-Li to receive one. Keith also admits, “If I do, that is going to make me more upset and make my time here even tougher” As the klaxon sounds, Cami-Li immediately presses the buzzer, meaning Keith and Kavana’s letters are destroyed.

The Housemates gather after the task and discuss Cami-Li’s decision to press the buzzer. Katie Price explains that she asked her not to and Calum agrees but says he couldn’t turn against her. Cami-Li maintains that she was going by the rules and wanted to receive a letter from home. Katie Hopkins then reassures and hugs her as Michelle looks on upset.

Calum and Kavana discuss the task in the garden. Calum admits, “I couldn’t talk her out of it” and adds that he had to back Cami-Li up because he is “loyal, as a friend.”

Cami-Li tells Perez and Keith that she made her decision by the rules she was told. Perez replies “All good.” Cami-Li says “Call me selfish or whatever…” and Keith reassures her saying, “Not at all”.

Big Brother then gathers the Housemates and explains that all their letters, apart from Cami-Li and Calum, have been destroyed. Calum then chooses Michelle to read his letter. The letter is a deep and thoughtful poem, which Housemates describe as “amazing and inspiring.” Perez says “I’m so happy I heard your Mum’s words tonight” Cami-Li then asks Katie Hopkins to read her letter, which brings her to tears.

Perez has a theory about Calum’s letter and says that “in a very smart way, that message in code, is warning you about two people in the House.”

Katie Hopkins and Michelle are feeling emotional and cry in the toilet. Calum references what Perez just told him about his poem and describes him as “low.”

Cami-Li talks to Big Brother about her letter. She admits that “it hurts to see them hurt” but the letter has given her “hope, more strength and more coal.” When asked if she has any regrets, she says “I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

In the living area, Perez maintains that if they had all decided not to press the button, they may have all received a letter from home. Calum defends Cami-Li saying he feels the others were “picking” on Cami-Li, and she feels “singled out.” Perez wonders if Calum regrets his decision to stand by Cami-Li and Housemates suggest perhaps he feels “guilty.”

In the garden, Calum smokes a cigarette alone. Katie Hopkins is concerned that her theory “stitched you all up”, which Housemates reject.

Keith tells Big Brother that he “really regrets” not pushing the button but admits, through tears, that it “would be tough” to hear the letter read by someone else.

Kavana is having some quiet time in the Kitchen and is comforted by Cami-Li who tells him “You’re an amazing man and I’d proud if you were my son”, and they both promise to be friends after the show.

Catch all the action from 8PM tonight on Channel 5.

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