Final Celebrity Big Brother 2015 nominations begin!


The Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates have kicked off nominations tonight.

The group were gathered this evening to announce that nominations would begin shortly in the Diary Room.

They are currently unaware that tomorrow night (Monday) will see a surprise live twist eviction that will end up in one housemate getting instantly kicked out.

Host Emma Willis teased at the weekend that she'll be entering the house herself to drag out the one unlucky celebrity.

However it's not entirely clear the process in which the eviction will occur and whether or not the nominations tonight will count for anything.

As far as the housemates are concerned they do and it's caused a number of rows in the house already.

Cami Li and Perez Hilton first argued after he claimed he knew exactly who everyone would be nominating, despite Cami insisting that she had "no idea".

And later, Perez was involved in yet ANOTHER fight with Katie Hopkins and begged to be voted out.

"I really want to go home on Tuesday, [but] I’m not going to walk out the door until I’m f**king told to get out," he said. “I’m not going to have f**king suffered throughout this long and not get paid, I’m not a f**king idiot."

Perez, who automatically faces every future eviction of the series after an earlier twist, continued: "I hope the f**king public sends me home on Tuesday. Public are you listening, how many times do I have to f**king say it, I want to get the f**k out of this house."

Celebrity Big Brother's big live 'bombshell' twist airs from 8PM on Monday night with Emma Willis and Rylan Clark.

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