Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Letters from home but only for some housemates!

letters from home

Big Brother delivered the celebrities' letters from home last night but not all of housemates got to read them.

Yes, it was time for the annual Letters from Home twist.

And this one was took the form of a Prisoner's Dilemma challenge.

All of the housemates letters were transferred to old fashioned scrolls that resided in 'poisoned' chalices.

The eight remaining housemates were split into pairs and in turn, two pairs faced off against each other.

In separate rooms, each of the pairs had a decision to make: Whether or not to press a button.

If one pair pressed the buzzer but the other didn't, then the celebs who pushed the button would win their letters from home at the expense of their rivals who would see their letters ruined by poison.

But if both pairs pressed the button or neither pair chose to, then all four letters would be destroyed.

In the first round, neither Perez and Katie P nor Michelle and Katie H wanted to press the buzzer.

It means that at least six housemates won't get their letters although there is the potential that no one will either.

The results and fallout from t he task will air in tonight's special live show from 8PM On Channel 5, where host Emma Willis teased that the letters from home would play a part in a big twist.

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