Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez Hilton, Cami Li clash over nominations

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

With nominations looming there was tension this afternoon between Perez Hilton and Cami Li.

Perez automatically faces every remaining eviction of the series but has been chatting noms all morning.

He first took aim with last week's face to face votes, complaining: "One of the things that upset me, not upset because I really didn't care that much but disappointed me in the last eviction was were people not being 100% percent honest.

"For example, Michelle nominating Kieth and saying 'I get a sad energy when I'm around you' bulls**t and I'll that to her f**king face.

"It would have been more honest and direct to say 'I like Keith a lot, but the reality is there are people I like more.' That's a Valid reason, you want to be with the people you're closest with."

Perez went on to try and predict today's nominations, claiming: "I know exactly how everyone is going to vote tonight, I know people. I know exactly how everyone is going to nominate tonight."

Katie Price concurred: "So do I, I reckon I'll take Keith's place this week."

But Cami hit back: "I don't know who I am nominating, honestly I have no idea."

"We'll see," Katie P replied.

"I do not have any idea," insisted Cami.

As we mentioned earlier today, the housemates are currently unaware that one of them will actually be leaving in a surprise twist tomorrow night.

But it's still not yet been made clear exactly what will be happening, whether us viewers will be involved and what will happen to Perez's nominations curse during the twist.

CBB continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 and airs Monday at the earlier time of 8PM with the two-hour live twist.

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