Celebrity Big Brother 2015 nominations talk grips the house ahead of final

Katie Price 1

The Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates have spent Sunday morning discussing nominations.

The group are expecting to nominate today with less than a week to go until the final on Friday night.

Eight remain and the housemates really aren't sure just how many will make it to the end of the series and how many will be kicked out in the last few days.

Quizzing the other housemates this morning, Katie Price asked: "Do you know who you've nominate if you had to today? I know you can't say who, but do you know who you would?"

"Probably yeah," Kavana replied, adding: "But as Perez said it doesn't matter any more."

However Katie P disagreed: "You would still take it to heart, you're so near the final day you'd think you wouldn't make it to the final day and everyone wants to make it to the final day."

Perez, who automatically faces eviction due to his eternal nomination curse, said: "I would still love to go home on Tuesday, thankfully I'm nominated already."

Katie P predicted: "I've got a feeling I'll be gone on Tuesday, I've got a feeling. I'll definitely be nominated, I don't know what I've done. "

The housemates are currently unaware that one of them will actually be leaving in a surprise twist tomorrow night.

However it's not yet clear what exactly will happen when host Emma Willis drops a 'live bombshell' on the house or whether the housemates will still nominate as usual today.

CBB continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 and airs Monday at the earlier time of 8PM with the two-hour live twist.

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