Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 25 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's a spoiler-filled look ahead of what happens on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

It's Day 25 and the Housemates are waking up and Calum announces that he has ‘raging morning wood’.

Keith decided to bury the hatchet with Katie Hopkins and says sorry for calling her boring and explains that he was ‘really angry’. Katie Hopkins says sorry too for calling Keith, ‘a grumpy old t**t.’

Perez talks to Big Brother about Nadia’s departure and says: ‘I’m sad I don’t have that one person in the house to have a silly, good time with.’ Perez explains that he doesn’t know how to take the public saving him from eviction and says that it could that they want to see more of him in the house or that they want to see him ‘miserable and tortured’ without Nadia.

Keith tells Kavana that Perez is down because he has ‘lost his partner’.

Calum talks to Big Brother about Perez and says that he was the one ‘dude’ that spoke to Perez but having that argument with him was ‘a schoolboy error’. Calum says: ‘Let him crack on and have no mates.’

Perez tells Keith and Katie Price that it seems that others have excluded them and says: ‘The three of us are the three of us.’ Katie Price says: ‘Just one day with no arguments!’

Perez tells Katie Price that he wants Keith to win and says: ‘Keith winning would be the ultimate f**k you to everyone who desperately wants to win in this house.’

Katie Hopkins talks about Perez without Nadia to Keith and says: ‘He won’t have the balls to say what he used to say.’

Kavana, Katie Hopkins and Michelle have a walk around the garden and chat about the change in Perez’s behaviour and Michele says: ‘I don’t like it when people play the victim.’

The Housemates are given a shopping task called Freak Show. This is compered by Keith. The first part of the task sees The Three Little Pigs, played by Calum, Perez and Cami Li, eat three questionable dishes. The first is jellied eels, then century dragon’s eggs and finally a cake made from very hot chilli sauce.

The next part of the task sees Katie Price and Katie Hopkins perform as the ‘two headed Katie monster’ that only has one mind. They have to answer questions, taken from an anonymous survey of the housemates earlier in the day.

The first question is:

Who is the most popular in the house?
Answer – Michelle
Wrong – The correct answer is Katie Hopkins

Who has the most to gain from appearing on Big Brother?
Answer – Cami Li

Who is here for the most selfish reasons?
Answer – Perez

Which two Housemates think they are going to win Big Brother?
Answer – Michelle and Katie Hopkins
Half right – Perez and Katie Hopkins

The third part of the task sees Kavana perform as ‘The Singing Dummy’. Kavana must sing Tweets about himself that have been selected by Big Brother. Most of them are not very complimentary and include Kavana being called boring and irrelevant.

The final part of the task is ‘Mystic Michelle’. Using her crystal ball and cards, Michelle has to answer questions from the Housemates.

The first question is from Kavana, who asks - What should I do to improve myself?
Mystic Michelle answers – Stay away from Vodka

The second question is from Keith – Was I honest enough in the house?
Mystic Michelle answers – We need to hear more from Keith

The third question is from Katie Price – What have I learned about myself in the Big Brother house?
Mystic Michelle answers – That she doesn’t give a s**t what the public thinks about her AND that she’s very uncomfortable picking sides and wants to be liked at all costs.

The House mates have passed the task and are rewarded with a luxury shopping budget.

Cami Li talks to Big Brother about the task and is told that jellied eels is a British delicacy and she says: ‘You guys are crazy.’

Katie Hopkins reassures Kavana about the less than complimentary Tweets he had to sing, he reasons: ‘This is what we signed up for.’ Michelle tells Kavana that ‘they look for the horrible ones’ and Calum also says he gets nasty Tweets from ‘angry dudes’.

For passing the task the Housemates are further rewarded with a Freaky Party. The Housemates all have a dance and show off their moves, especially Michelle who demonstrated her robotics.

Katie Hopkins tells the groups that Kavana thinks he is going home on Tuesday. Michelle comments that hearing the Tweets was ‘harsh for him’.

Perez is in the Diary Room and thanks Big Brother for the party. He then says: ’If it had of been all Katie Hopkins, I could have dealt with that but to have so many people hate me, the only way to describe it is traumatic so I’m looking forward to Emma and our interview.’

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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