Celebrity Big Brother 2015 fans call for Perez Hilton to be REMOVED

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Big Brother fans have called on show bosses to remove Perez Hilton from the house.

Last night saw Perez given a THIRD caution by show producers in the Diary Room for unacceptable behaviour, his second in less than a week.

Big Brother made it clear that it was his 'final' warning but many think that Big Brother should've kicked him out there and then.

Especially as Perez refused to apologise for his latest outburst in which he shouted at Calum Best: “I will do, I’ll be the huge d**k and I’ll shove it up your a**e!”

In the Diary Room, Perez told Big Brother he was “was speaking figuratively, not literally," adding: “if you want me to try and he’s open to it, I’m game to try.”

After being warned, he replied: “Fabulous!”

Perez's antics have already seen complaints to the Police and now there are calls for him to be removed.

Previously, both Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley were booted from the house and many viewers reckon Perez's behaviour has been WORSE.

"His behaviour is deplorable! He needs to be escorted out of the house immediately! His actions are worse than Ken and [Jeremy] combined!!!!" wrote one.

Another added: "How come he got a third warming ! He should have been thrown out !"

And a third agreed: "How he's still in the house I don't know it must be the clause in his contract!"

Last night saw Katie Hopkins practically begging viewers to evict Perez, with the showbiz blogger having been cursed with eternal nomination meaning he'll face every remaining eviction of the series automatically.

She told Big Brother: "I think the sooner he leaves the House, the better it will be for the rest of us. There’s nothing about him that I find endearing or attractive, or can somehow be forgiving towards. I can’t forget and I’m not gonna forgive either. And I really can’t wait for him to leave and I will celebrate the fact that he walks up those stairs and walks out of this House.”


CBB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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