Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates get 'Freak Show' shopping task


The Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates have been given a new shopping task in the house today (Saturday)

Big Brother gathered the group and gave each them roles and costumes as the house became a 'Freak Show.

Keith Chegwin became the ringmaster and compere for the circus of horrors.

Cami li, Calum and Perez became the three little pigs.

Katie Price and Katie Hopkins were the Katie Monster and are joined at the hip

Michelle was fortune teller mystic Michelle

And finally, Kavana became the singing dummy.

In the first part of the task the Three Pigs had to scoff some disgusting treats including jellied eels, fermented eggs and spicy cake.

The Katie Monster had to work together to correctly guess what the other housemates think of each other based on a poll they had each conducted in the Diary Room earlier.

Next, singing Dummy Kavana had to sing a rendition of the latest public tweets about the show and the housemates.

Finally, Michelle had to predict the future and read minds by answering questions about the other housemates.

As always, if the housemates successfully pass the task they'll win a luxury shopping budget but if they fail they'll have to live off basic rations.


Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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