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It's Day 24 and the Housemates wake up after a fun filled evening. Kavana questions why it’s so bright and Katie Hopkins suggests it’s “because I’ve come and it’s like being near an angel” Katie Price then reminds Kavana that he “was farting in an Egyptian style”

Katie Hopkins talks to Kavana about Perez’s remarks the previous evening. She suggests that Perez “just wanted it to kick off”

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Perez is talking to Nadia and Keith and says that the purpose of being in this House that is to have conversations and alcohol should not be an excuse. As Kavana enters the kitchen, Nadia remarks that “Kav saved us all from a hangover…because you drank everything!”

In the Diary Room, Kavana says that he feels “a bit rough around the edges, but I did have a ball last night, even if it was just for myself” He then admits he “can’t remember some things” but suggests that he may have “overshadowed Perez in the entertainment factor. I don’t think he’s too happy about that.”

Perez and Keith are in the kitchen. Perez remarks, “I’m just excited to get the f**k out of here” and that “people get upset based on hearsay, not what they hear” He further suggests that Katie Hopkins was “riling people up” and “talking trash” about Kavana the previous evening. Keith observes that “there’s a heck of a divide between the two camps”

In the bedroom, Housemates are discussing Perez. Michelle says that it “breaks my heart” that she has become enemies with Perez.

Big Brother has gathered the Housemates for today’s task, where they must compete in a test of strength and perception of public opinion to place them in the correct order in a line-up. Categories include most annoying, most disappointing and most vain.

Nadia becomes upset that the public has decided she is the most disappointing Housemate and Michelle jokes, “Am I going to be most vain because I’m a drag queen?” Team Calum completed the task in the fastest time.

Nadia tells Perez, “I would never have predicted this in a million years, that I would become best mates with you!” Perez admits that he thought he would be closest to Michelle. Nadia then ponders that people might not want him to leave because he will “wither and go quiet” if she’s not there. Perez jokes that he “will become a mute painter”

Cami-Li observes that Keith has stopped washing dishes in the House since he’s been nominated. Katie Hopkins remarks that it’s a “protest statement”

After Nadia's eviction, Michelle questions what Perez will do without Nadia and Katie Hopkins predicts that he will try and make friends with Katie Price, very quickly

In the Diary Room, Perez refuses to theorise how his experience will be without Nadia but adds, “I’m genuinely very f**king sad that Nadia has gone. However, I’m going to wake up tomorrow and have fun. And if not a single person in this House wants to talk to me, that’s cool. I can have fun by myself. The fun train continues.”

In the bedroom, Michelle warns Katie Price that she’s “in a tough position because he’s got no one now. You’re the only fair game”. She adds that she’s glad she got to know Nadia a bit, while Perez was out of the House. Katie Price admits that she likes Perez and he hasn’t done anything wrong to her.

Cami-Li and Kavana discuss Nadia and Perez. Kavana says “I know his actions have been f**king awful, but you still have one little bit of your heart that goes, I don’t want him to be absolutely miserable all the time” Cami-Li disagrees saying, “Are you kidding me? I hope he’s f**king miserable…He now is going to have a meltdown because she’s gone” and Kavana suggests that it’s his karma.

Katie Hopkins asks Perez if he’s p***ed off that he’s still in the House and he replies, “I’m resigned to be here till the end…the fun train is still going, it’s just slower, it needs to be recharged”

Katie Price tells Big Brother about what Michelle said to her about Perez and says, “I don’t like to see people down…I will still talk to him and do stuff with him…I’m not going to change at all…but I think he’s finding it tough, a bit lost should I say.”

Perez talks to Keith about Nadia’s departure and says he’s looking on the bright side. Perez maintains “I’m choosing to have fun regardless of what happens”

Katie Hopkins tells Big Brother that Nadia “was a centre of the House, in a homely way because she ran the kitchen” but adds that her leaving “is some sort of triumph over Perez” who “is not part of the group” She describes him as “very self-obsessed… He is very American. And he is not reprehensive of any kind of person I would want to be around, hang around to know in the future. I think the sooner he leaves the House, the better it will be for the rest of us. There’s nothing about him that I find endearing or attractive, or can somehow be forgiving towards. I can’t forget and I’m not gonna forgive either. And I really can’t wait for him to leave and I will celebrate the fact that he walks up those stairs and walks out of this House.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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