Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins picking on Keith Chegwin?

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Price and Perez Hilton reckon that Katie Hopkins has found a new target in the CBB house.

And it's poor Keith Chegwin.

Speaking in the house this morning, Katie P and Perez both agreed that Katie H was out to try and wind up Keith and they reckon it's because he could win.

"The fact that Keith stayed makes me think he's going to win and I would love that because Keith doesn't want to win, he just came in for the experience and I love that he's not changed at all and been himself the whole time I thought Nadia was going to win so the fact that she left, Keith is definitely winning this.

"And that's going to be the ultimate **** to some of these ***."

Perez then stirred up trouble as he revealed to Katie P: "Katie Hopkins was talking s**t about Keith to Michelle."

"I said to Keith, 'Why does she keep having a jibe at you', he knows" Katie P revealed.

Perez speculated: "Now she thinks maybe he's the weakest, or she wants to push him and gets into a fight with Cheggers, she wants that drama. "

In tonight's show we see Keith lose it with Katie in a row over fellow housemate Kavana.


CBB airs this evening from 9PM on Channel 5.

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