Celebrity Big Brother 2015 results: Nadia Sawalha claims Perez Hilton is being bullied


Nadia Sawalha has claimed that Perez Hilton is being bullied in the CBB 2015 house.

Nadia got the boot in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 results after facing the fourth eviction against Katie Hopkins, Keith Chegwin and Perez Hilton.

Speaking to Emma Willis after her exit, Nadia said: "Oh my God! I couldn't believe it's happened. I really did want to leave.

"Michelle gave me some advice today, I said I want to get out and she said to say 'Perez will be worst if I leave' so I did!"

After leaving to boos, Nadia said: "I know I'm a very likeable person and I always have been! My problem was that in the house I befriended someone who I hope you've seen his other side, he's a genuinely hilarious and funny."

And CBB fan Nadia declared: "It was a disaster, I found it horrendous! Big Brother asked what would I miss and I sat there in total silence!"

But she added: "I'm more in love with Big Brother than I ever was."

Discussing her habit of getting involved in all the arguments going on in the house, Nadia insisted: "I just wanted to go in and have a laugh!"

On Perez Hilton, Nadia claimed other housemates "lost the courage" to be his friend because of the audience reaction on live eviction nights.

"Katie Hopkins said 'Every one in this house must isolate him', I hate people being bullied," Nadia added.

And discussing Katie H in more depth, Nadia complained that she was a "vixen" who continually started arguments and accused her of playing a game.

Finally, asked who she wanted to win, Nadia named Kieth.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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