CBB 2015: Perez Hilton voted biggest game player as housemates learn public opinions

Perez 3(1)

The CBB housemates have found out more about what us viewers think of them all in a new task

Earlier in the week, a website poll asked viewers to vote in a number of categories such as the Most Disappointing housemate, Most Annoying and the Biggest Game Player.

Yesterday (Friday) Big Brother split the housemates into two teams who went head to head in a game of both brains and brawn.

They had organise a series of weighted balls into the correct order for each category as voted for by the viewers.

Calum led his team of Nadia, Keith and Michelle while Kavana was team captain of Katie, Perez, Katie and Cami.

Team Calum went first and their category was the Most devious, correctly placing Perez, Katie and Cami at the top while Keith, Kav and Michelle were bottom.

Team Kavana had Most Hot with Calum and P at the top with Perez last.

Team Calum then had to correctly order the Most Vain housemates with Perez voted the Most and Keith the least.

Finally, Team Kavana had Biggest Game Player with Perez, Katie and Michelle at the top and Kavana and Keith at the bottom.

Having correctly ordered their categories in the fastest time, Team Calumn won the task and were rewarded with a special treat of food from Big Brother.

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