Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin loses it with Katie Hopkins!

keith chegwin

Keith Chegwin got firmly off the fence in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house today.

The TV funnyman clashed with Katie Hopkins in a row over Kavana.

It began when some of the housemates discussed how different Kavana was when he was drunk, with Katie H suggesting he was 'more fun'.

But Keith remarked that it was a "shame" that the singer also sometimes turned nasty when he had been drinking.

"It's better to enjoy yourself then to be a grumpy old ****," snapped Katie H before storming into the bedroom over what seemed like nothing. "What is wrong with people?"

"What's wrong with you? asked Keith as he chased after her.

Katie asked: "Why can't Kav have just a nice time? I find it hard that there's a thing around Kav having a drink."

"No there isn't," replied Keith. "If you actually listened to what people said, maybe you'd have more sense about what happened."

The pair's row then moved on to last night's big fight which saw Katie H arguing with Perez Hilton over a chat he had with Kavana.

"Did you hear the conversation?" Keith quizzed Katie H, "No! Guesswork again!

"You only get half of a conversation and off you go."

Katie H insisted: "I will and I will continue to defend Kav."

However Keith told her: "But you didn't hear what Perez said... I'll you something. Perez and Kav had a private conversation, and Perez didn't want to embarrass Kav by saying anything to any of us which I thought was very heartening.

"You've come in and only get half the conversation and decide to do your usual thing, have an argument."

"I don't think you can judge an argument on half a conversation."

As Katie H accused Kieth of doing nothing but moaning all day, he hit back: "You're boring. I'm fed up of this conversation, you're always having a go at people, letting off steam purely to promote your column, your package. It really is boring."

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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