Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers: Big row ahead of eviction

Perez 2

After a night of drinking, things got heated in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house yesterday evening.

It began as Kavana spilled to the housemates what Perez had told him about what he saw when in the secret room.

"He said a lot of stuff that you've all said about me, I don't believe a word that he's saying," Kavana teased.

"Now I want to hear it. He's lying because I've never said anything," Cami Li insisted.

As Perez walked in Cami immediately hit out at the blogger for talking "s**".

But Perez explained how he had never mentioned names and nothing he said involved her.

"I didn't mention any names, I did not mention a single name. I'm happy to always explain, I did not mention a single name and if he [Kavana] said I did then he's lying," Perez said.

"Just leave it," Nadia Sawalha told him.

Calum Best agreed: "Let's go to bed and start fresh tomorrow."

But Katie Hopkins of course then had to get involved: "What I would still say is why he is he [Perez] out there talking to him [Kav] at this time of night when we know not every is not in the mood..."

Perez replied: "I wasn't, he came to me. I had my back to him and he came to me and started talking. I was going to be considerate and speak back to him."

He added: "I am not going to placate or baby anyone in this house."

Katie H said: "But now's not the time."

Perez retorted: "For you my sweet, for you my darling."

"Let's just all stop," begged Nadia but Katie H continued to claim that Perez was in the wrong, saying he should "look after Kav."

"Kav's a grown man like he just said, he's not your child," snapped Perez.

The American then ranted, as all hope of a peaceful night went out of the window: "I'm not a f**king coward, old Perez is f**king done.

"Any time anyone in this house throws negativity to me, I will acknowledge it and not run away from me."

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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