Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 23 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's all the highlights from this evening's episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2015 .

It's Day 23 and Katie Hopkins probes Keith on how he feels to be up for eviction. She admits “for someone like me, having quite a few votes is sort of normal because if you’re fairly strong and opinionated, you are going to piss people off” before adding that “if we’d all had the opportunity to vote for Perez…your name wouldn’t have featured…his gift of nominations for life ever has kind of created a scenario”

Keith says that he feels “they were quite justifiable reasons; there’s not one reason I could argue with” When pressed further, he admits, “I’ve isolated myself” and that he’s missing his wife. Katie says, “I don’t think I buy it…”

Katie Hopkins and Katie Price discuss last night’s face to face nominations. Katie Hopkins says that she “quite enjoyed seeing some of Pricey”, to which Katie Price replies, “Well you asked for it, so I gave it!” before adding that she believes Katie Hopkins has “been acting” and did her a favour by saying she wanted to see the feisty Kate, “I’m so pleased that you’ve made everyone recognise that I’m not feisty, because I’m not”

She then says that she’s come into the House to make friends and that she will see Michelle when she leaves, but suggests that Katie Hopkins won’t “because you have nothing in common”

Michelle disagrees and says, “I think it’s different friendships, to be fair. [To Katie Price] You and I would do things differently to what Katie and I would do. But I think Katie [H] and I will remain friends”

Katie Price then pulls Katie Hopkins up for speaking behind her back and says, “I want to be a liked person. What you see is what you get; with you what you see is not what you get.”

As Katie Hopkins leaves the room, Katie Price remarks, “I’m not going down to your pathetic level who wants brownie points for being liked and showing off in front of the cameras.”

In the snug, Perez tells Nadia, “If I do leave tomorrow, I’m not in a secret task or anything, I’m out of that f**king door!”

In the bedroom, the conversation changes to sex. Cami-Li and Katie Price both admit to losing their virginity at the age of 16. Kavana is then asked when his first time was with a man before Katie Hopkins relays a story about a man she slept with who wore “a pair of tight Lycia pants that went up over one shoulder… a mankini!”

Cami-Li then recalls the first time she slept with a with a man who wore a platinum c**k ring, “he said it was Cartier!”.

Big Brother throws a goodbye party for the nominated Housemates. The Housemates are excited to see a cocktail bar and vodka luge.

Nadia is talking to Big Brother about the party and says that Cami-Li has the best moves and that “Perez has some unusual moves….maybe a little intimidating!”

The party is winding down and Kavana remarks, “Big Brother, you made your bed, get ready to lie in it!” In the Diary Room, Kavana admits to being “a bit p***ed” and says that it’s “a bit depressing” when the drink runs out.

In the living area, Michelle entertains the Housemates with a rendition of “Be Good to Mama” from Chicago.

In the bedroom, Nadia is missing her family and sheds a tear, Cami-Li consoles her.

In the Living Room, Perez asks Kavana what he has learnt whilst being in the House, to which Kavana tells him, “I’ve learnt people aren’t honest, people are insecure, people want to be liked constantly and you can’t really trust anyone.”

Perez replies that “everybody came in for different reasons and each person’s reasons are valid.” He goes on to say that he wants the British public to learn who he is.

Kavana suggests that some of his behaviour is unappealing and “madness, absolutely insanity”, saying “who is going to be attracted to that?”

Perez replies that he’s “like a f**king rainbow…they have darker colours and brighter colours.” He stands by what he told Katie Hopkins yesterday that the British public can “suck my d**k, because I want to get the f**k out, but they are obviously keeping me in for a reason” and stresses that “If they like me, then great, but I’m not doing anything to make them like me…I’m just being me.”

Kavana admits, “You have to realise that you can become a precocious, horrific human being.”

Perez defends himself that “everyone has that ability”, then brings up a number of times when Kavana has offended people in the House and says that other Housemates have referenced this. “Tonight, the night you told Keith to f**k off, the night with Alexander, the night I came back… and I can probably keep counting.”

Perez goes on to justify his behaviour in the house and that many times he has been “considerate, risen above, and stayed on the fun train” and that he has never “engaged or provoked without being provoken.”

In the bedroom, Kavana relays what Perez said to him. As the other Housemates go to bed, Perez enters the room and Cami-Li mutters under her breath “s**t by your mouth” which he picks up on.

Katie Hopkins tells Perez that it wasn’t the time to tell Kavana and he needs to “look after him” and “respect that people have different evenings.”

Perez defends himself saying, “If you don’t want negativity back from me… don’t give it to me”. Calum diffuses the situation and the Housemates get into bed.

Katie Hopkins then says to Perez “I’m cool, I’m cooler than you”, to which Perez replies “You’re so cool you are delusional.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM.

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