Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Which celebs have been peeing in the hot tub?

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have a bad habit of peeing in the hot tub, it's been revealed.

Katie Hopkins has made the claims in her latest column, written from inside the house.

She compared life in the CBB house this week to "very much like living in a care home", branding all of her fellow housemates "unfortunates".

She complained: "Many appear to be verging on the incontinent, peeing indiscriminately when the mood takes them.

"The Jacuzzi has taken the main brunt of this, demanding constant emptying and refilling due to the massive acid imbalances."

Katie went on to claim that she was trying to "find the fun" during her time in the house even if we've only ever seen her bitching and rowing.

"Terrified of what this means for my mental agility, I have made a commitment not to fall into the Care Home Community here at CBB," she explained. "I am fighting back hard. My morning gym sessions with Kavana and Calum keep me sane.

"And I have made a commitment to find the fun."

Meanwhile, Katie said that hearing chants from the crowd on eviction night was an "awesome thing".

"Listening to the baying mob of the crowd waiting for an eviction is an awesome thing," she said. “Get Perez out!”, “Get Cami-Li out!” or whomever takes their fancy at that moment."

Katie then revealed: "Each week we receive a detailed briefing on how to leave through a front door and walk down a set of stairs.

"I feel confident that I, Katie Hopkins, being of sound-ish mind and peculiarly shaped body, have got this whole walking down a set of stairs thing nailed.'

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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