Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez Hilton warned and may be quizzed by cops

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Perez Hilton has been warned for licking Katie Hopkins in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house.

He may also be quizzed by police after 'invading her personal space' following his return to the main house on Tuesday night.

Perez also got into trouble for sexual comments and remarks, some of which were cut from broadcast in the highlights show.

It's despite the fact that Katie didn't seem to mind and hasn't complained about his behaviour.

Last night we saw Big Brother call Perez to the Diary Room to warn him that his actions were wholly unacceptable and against the rules.

However Perez didn't take kindly to the warning, first interrupting Big Brother.

BB then asked him: "Do you understand how this language and behaviour could be offensive to your housemates or the viewing public?"

But Perez replied: "Yes but I don't care."

Big Brother continued: "Well Big Brother isn't debating this. This is what Big Brother's telling you and passing on this information to you. Big Brother does think, in this instance, that the language and behaviour was unacceptable."

Perez snapped back "Well, great. I'm glad you think that. And I'm glad I don't agree."

He added: "I'm here, I'm going to have fun. I'm going to take your note, I'm going to learn from it. I'm not aggressive in that way and you have my assurance I won't be going up to her face like that and invading her personal space.

"I doubt she will give you that assurance about me."

Meanwhile, the Daily Star newspaper has reported that cops may want to quiz Perez after they issued Jeremy Jackson with an official Police caution over his ejection from the series earlier this year.

A Hertfordshire Police spokesman said: “We have not yet received any complaints about Perez Hilton’s behaviour. Of course, if Katie Hopkins were to make a complaint, we would make enquiries.”

CBB continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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