Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins clashes with Katie Price

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

The two Katies clashed in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house this afternoon.

It seems that Perez Hilton's stay in his secret room is still causing trouble, with Katie Price confronting Katie Hopkins over comments she had supposedly said behind her back.

Katie P brought up "snidey remarks" from Katie H that she had been told about by Perez.

Katie H had accused Katie P of playing a game by sitting on the fence not being her 'feisty' self.

But Katie P said: "You've done me a favour 'cause I am in here to prove to people I'm not this feisty, fighting person. I'm a very laid back person but the media has created this figure but I'm genuinely nice."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie P claimed: "With me what you see is what you get, with you what you see is not what you get."

Katie H retorted: "I don't agree with that at all, I think I may be one of the few people in here who's actually talking the truth."

Katie P suggested that it was her rival who was really playing game having purposely started arguments with everyone.

"You've had a pop at everyone in this house, everyone," Katie P accused. "I'm not going down to your pathetic level who wants brownie points for showing off in front of the cameras."

Elsewhere in the house today, and perhaps proving Katie P's point, Katie H spent her time seemingly attempting to provoke Keith Chegwin.

It makes a change from Perez, we guess.

Keith's facing his first eviction of the series and insists he's not upset, but Katie H apparently thought that he wasn't quite feeling the right emotions.

"I hope I've come in with the right attitude that you can treat it as a challenge and it's lived up to every expectation. The tougher it got, the more Big Brother it is," Keith explained. "I've achieved what I've wanted to which is to be a part of Big Brother, now I've been a part of it you can go home whenever you want."

The comic went on to explain he didn't care about nominations, saying: "There wasn't one reason I could argue with. They're justifiable reasons. I've isolated myself..."

Unable to grasp that people aren't all the same as her, Katie H told him: "I don't feel like I buy it, I feel like it would make you sad."

"No, I slept really well!" Keith quipped.

He went on to reveal his secret to thinking positive was simply not to care too much about what other people think.

Keith 3

"You can't in this environment, if you start taking things too seriously... it's only a game show," he said. "My reason to be here is to be on Big Brother and see what it's like, and I have, if you come or go it doesn't really matter does it."

CBB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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