Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 22 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's a spoiler filled preview of all the latest CBB house action from the past 24 hours.

The Housemates wake up, following Perez’s return to the House and Cami-Li remarks, “I had weird dreams last night, and woke up in my nightmare”

Nadia suggests to Katie Hopkins that there should be no arguments today, and she agrees. Katie then hugs Nadia in her bed and they are joined by Perez.

In the kitchen, Keith and Cami-Li discuss last night’s dramatic events. Cami-Li says that it’s “a shame” that Perez has returned, as everyone was getting along and now “it sucks” Nadia then joins them and explains that Katie Hopkins has agreed not to argue today.

In the bedroom, Katie Hopkins asks Perez if she can pick his outfit the following day. He agrees, on the basis that he can dress her. Michelle remarks, “Before you know it, you two are going to be besties”

Perez joins Nadia and Keith in the kitchen and relays his conversation with Katie Hopkins, who he describes as “so fake”. Nadia observes, “Oh good, there’s an uneasy peace!”

Calum and Kavana weigh up the House politics. Calum says “I just want to let people to crack on and fight for their victory “instead of trying to fight battles. They go on to discuss the “bitter rivalry” between some of the Housemates.

Michelle tells Big Brother that when Perez came back to the House, “the dark cloud came over again” She goes on to admit, “I don’t care if I’ve disappointed Perez Hilton, to be honest”, and explains that it’s not her job to police other people in the House.

Calum, Kavana and Katie Hopkins discuss Keith. Calum adds that when Keith says he’s “disappointed” about what he’s heard, it’s like something a Granddad would say. Katie questions why he’s upset when she’s always said “he’s Switzerland and he’s determined”

Calum tells Big Brother that he doesn’t want to have a problem with Perez or Nadia. He suggests that Perez is being friendly and nice since he’s “come back a changed man” adding, “If it’s real, then awesome”

Katie Hopkins tells Big Brother that that Perez did a “relatively good effort at stirring the pot yesterday” to upset some of the Housemates. She adds that people need to “get perspective” and realise that they’re not all good friends, just people living together.

When asked what her position is in the House, she suggests she’s “the alpha male of the pride…I’m the old haggard old git that tells it straight, puts people in their place, doesn’t take any crap, is prepared to call people out when they’re being a twat, is not really interested in looks or how one appears and I guess can take or leave any of the lionesses…Ultimately there’s a little group in my life and they’re not in this House, and they’re my friends…Outside that, I’m really not bothered”

Big Brother gathers the Housemates for this week’s nominations, which will take place face to face. As Perez is eternally nominated, he cannot be nominated, but can still nominate.

The Housemates facing eviction are Nadia, Katie Hopkins, Perez and Keith. Michelle was the only Housemate to not receive any nominations.

In the garden, Calum and Kavana discuss the earlier nominations.

Keith and Katie Price are also talking about nominations. Keith says “It’s part of the show” but Katie suggests he won’t be leaving and will go on to win. Keith says that he was surprised by Calum’s nomination but he expected the others.

Katie Hopkins says that she was going to “kick off” for Calum, following Katie Price’s votes. He remarks that he would like Katie Hopkins to stay over everyone else that is up for nomination.

Katie Price and Michelle discuss the earlier nominations. Michelle says she was “proud” of what Katie said, and that it was “something that struck a chord” when she said that Katie Hopkins was playing a game.

Nadia tells Keith that he’s been “absolutely true and authentic” in the House. She goes on to say that Perez and Keith are the entertainers, and the other Housemates don’t like that because they “steal the limelight.”

Perez and Nadia discuss Keith while washing clothes. Nadia suggests that he’s “just had a wobble”. However, Perez suggests that people may agree with the reasons behind the nominations. “The people that are watching are sadistic mother f**kers” who want them to fight. He adds that if he was voting, he’d vote for Keith to leave.

Keith tells Big Brother that if people save him, he’ll be “so chuffed”. Emotions then get the better of him and he starts to cry before adding, “the public have been really good to me…whatever way it goes, I’ll be happy.” He maintains that he’s “not a people pleaser.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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