Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Housemates react to face to face nominations

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

The CBB 2015 housemates have reacted to the latest nomination results, with four up for the axe.

Nadia Sawalha, Katie Hopkins, Perez Hilton and Keith Chegwin have been put up for eviction after the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2015 nomination results of the series.

Nadia, Katie and Keith got the most votes after face to face nominations yesterday and they join Perez - who was cursed with eternal nomination in Tuesday night's show - for up the public vote.

Michelle and Calum went to the garden after the noms to reflect on the results.

"I just want to be in the final with my friends," Michelle said, "Who knows what's going to happen with that last bit.. whether they're going to keep him in."

"I don't want Hopkins to go," declared Calum.

"I fear for that, but they're on a mission for each other those two, one of them are going," suggested Michelle.

Meanwhile, Perez, Keith and Nadia discussed the results.

Keith insisted he was "alright" after being nominated for the first time, explaining: "Say it was Cami, Kav, Calum, they wouldn't take it really well. and Nor should they."

Nadia said: "It's alright, it's totally alright to not want to be nominated and want to stay to the end."

Speculating why he had been nominated, Kieth continued: "Maybe I have been a bit distant, concentrating on my cleaning. Sometimes I feel a bit quashed, sometimes you feel like 'I better not crack a joke, someone will get upset'."

The topic then moved on to Katie H, with Nadia saying: "All the people are entertaining, don't like her. Katie Price said [to Katie H] today, "You don't want anyone else to have the limelight', she was right, she was bang on with that."

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Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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