Celebrity Big Brother 2015 nominations: Who nominated who? Face to face noms!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's a recap of tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 nominations as the housemates nominated face to face for the second time this series.

The remaining housemates were gathered in the living area where they nominated to each other's faces ahead of Friday night's latest eviction.

It ended with four facing the axe in the penultimate Celebrity Big Brother 2015 nominations results of the series.

Each housemate had to nominate two housemates, selecting pictures to represent their choices.

Perez, having been cursed with eternal nomination, could not be nominated and was automatically up for eviction but still did nominate

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Who nominated who?

Katie Hopkins nominated Katie Price because “I think you’ve lost a bit of your feistiness in here” and similarly with Keith she feels he just agrees to be liked, and “combativeness is fun to be around.”

Keith nominated Katie Hopkins as he is “disappointed” with her, and calls her “harsh and cruel”, and Kavana “because you told me to fu*k off.”

Cami-Li nominated Nadia because of “her friendship with Perez” and “a naked man licking his fingers acting very vulgar should be reprimanded…not me”, and Keith because she didn’t want to be reprimanded when she leaves a cup of tea on the side.

Nadia nominated Katie Hopkins because she finds it “difficult” to be around her views and Calum because “we’ve gone as far as we can with conversation.”

Kavana nominated Nadia because “we haven’t got to know each other as well as I would like because of Perez” and Keith who doesn’t express himself and “we’ve got as friendly as we could get.”

Michelle nominated Nadia because she didn’t think she was “interested” and always “cut off”, and Keith because she can “feel his sadness.”

Katie Price nominated Katie Hopkins because she’s “been two faced” and is “playing a massive game”. She also added, “I may sit here looking pretty but I can be feisty when I need to be”. She also nominated Calum because she felt it “annoys” him when she talks about her family, and that makes her feel “uncomfortable.”

Perez joked that his decision “took a lot of soul searching” before nominating “hurtful” Katie Hopkins adding, “she should hop on board the fu*king train out of here.” His next nomination was Cami-Li because she said “she doesn’t want to share the same oxygen as me.”

Calum nominated Nadia because she “came looking for an argument” and it created “bad blood”, and Keith who is “quite emotional” and he doesn’t know how to speak to him when he is sad.

Therefore, the Housemates facing eviction are Nadia, Katie Hopkins, Perez and Keith. Michelle was the only Housemate to not receive any nominations.

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