Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates react to Perez Hilton's comeback

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates come to terms with living alongside Perez Hilton once more in tonight's show.

Having lived in a secret room for the past three days, after his return Perez is catching up with the Housemates when Katie Hopkins remarks: ‘Could we be any more American or loud if we tried?’

Calum reassures Katie Hopkins about Perez’s return to the house and says: ‘Smart people don’t forget.’ Katie comments: ‘Nadia is gone again, we had her back.’ Calum says: ‘Now the stress level is back, I’m happy to go anytime.’

Katie Hopkins says to Nadia that it was nice to get to know her for ‘two days’. Nadia says: ‘I’m starting to see your better side, cos I really didn’t like you.’

Cami Li says to Big Brother in the Diary Room: ‘You got me f**ked up bringing his ass back in the house.’

Perez and Nadia are catching up in the store room and Perez asks Nadia: ‘Do you really want to know who’s been talking s**t about you?’

Perez insinuates to Katie Hopkins that she might not like full disclosure to the group about what he saw in his secret room. Katie replies: ‘I don’t give a s**t what you saw.’

Cami Li tells Calum that she wishes she had gone now Perez is back and Calum says: ‘Don’t let him ruin your time here.’

Elsewhere in this evening's show, Kavana and Nadia row after some housemates argue Perez should say sorry for 'forcing' Alexander to leave the house.

Nadia claims: ‘I really cared about Alexander, you’re just using him.’

As she walks off, Kavana says to Katie Hopkins: ‘Oh she’s so left wing.’

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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