Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin comes off the fence and kicks off!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Keith Chegwin snapped in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house last night, thanks to stirring from Perez Hilton.

After returning to main house on Tuesday night following three days living in a secret room, Perez has been revealing titbits about what he's seen.

And in the house yesterday, Perez explained how he had seen Katie Hopkins bitching about Kieth and accusing him of playing a game.

Keith confronted Katie and explained: "I'm Keith Chegwin, I'm doing my own thing, I am not playing a game, I've come into this house to enjoy myself and be nice with everybody.

"Unfortunately, you may not be able to do that but I can and hopefully I've done that successfully and had a nice time. I've come for an experience in this house- don't butt in - and what I'm experiencing is exactly what Big Brother's like and I know how it works.

"I'm enjoying my experience and I like the people here and long may it continue!"

Perez was on hand to stir the pot some more, feeding Keith: "She said you're playing a game, 'Keith wants to win' and 'He so wants to win', and saying he's also being two faced.

"She was also complaining so much about you and your attempts to bring humour into the house."

Katie however insisted: "I've said that to Chegger's face."

In last night's highlights show, we saw tension between Katie H and Keith.

She complained: "Does every story have to return to Keith Chegwin? Half of [Katie P's] boob is falling out of her body and we still have to listen to Keith’s cycling incident."

Michelle and Katie H later have a discussion about Keith and Katie saying that he is not the most entertaining person in the house and remarking: "Alcoholic Cheggers v family panto Cheggers, very odd."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the latest house action from tonight's show below...

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