Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 21 recap and highlights

What happened on Big Brother tonight

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's a spoiler filled preview of this evening's latest Celebrity Big Brother 2015 highlights.

The Housemates prepare for another eviction and are still unaware that Perez has been living in a secret room and acting as Big Brother’s puppet master and watching their every move.

Katie Price describes the aftermath of her breast surgery. She says: ‘The only way I can describe it is say you’re sewn up, the problem with it there is it was so weak that if I pushed any areas, I could pierce my finger though, it was paper thin.’

Keith tells the group that he had a hole in his bottom from an ingrown hair caused by cycling and it had to be dug out.

Katie Hopkins walks off muttering: ‘Does every story have to return to Keith Chegwin?’ She says to Calum: ‘Half her boob is falling out of her body and we still have to listen to Keith’s cycling incident.’

Patsy seems in a very good mood at the thought of possibly being evicted and jumps around the kitchen. Keith says: ‘You’re like an atomic bomb.’ Patsy replies: ‘Deal with it or get me out of here.’ Keith comments: ‘There’s always the fire escape.’

Keith tells the group, he’s sick of people moaning that they want to leave. He says: ‘If you really want to go, go.’

Katie Price tells Michelle and Nadia that her life so far hasn’t been boring. Nadia says that she bets that Katie wishes it was more boring. Katie says: ‘I am boring, all I do is sit at home, eat, watch telly and work when I have to.’

Michelle and Katie Hopkins have a discussion about Keith and Katie Hopkins says he is not the most entertaining person in the house and remarks: ‘Alcoholic Cheggers v family panto Cheggers, very odd.’

Katie Hopkins remarks about Katie Price: ‘You have to give yourself up to this and prepare to look a tw*t and say the wrong thing.’ Michelle says about Katie Price: ‘I’m blown away by how regular she is.’ Katie replies: ‘In a way, too regular to be fun.’

The Housemates are gathered on the sofa for the announcement that Patsy is the third celebrity to leave the Big Brother house. Patsy seems elated by the news and jumps up and down and runs up the stairs to some booing from the crowd.

Perez seems unhappy with the news that Cami Li remains in the house, crosses himself and prays.

Perez is in the Diary Room before he is released back into the house. He says: ‘Katie Hopkins is going to jump up and down, crying conspiracy theories.’

Big Brother shows the group that Perez has been in a secret room and has been acting as Big Brother’s Puppet Master and shows them some of the mischief he has caused, including getting Katie Hopkins to walk like a chicken. They all look very shocked and Cami Li shouts: ‘Bring down the as*hole.’

Perez arrives back in the house to a mixed reception and Emma announces live to the house that Perez will face eternal nomination and Perez says: ‘Hopefully I will go home on Friday.’

Katie Hopkins says to Perez that she values and believes in the British public as they have voted for him to be eternally nominated. Perez says: ‘I don’t give a s**t about the British public. Perez then tries to lick Katie’s face and kiss her, this results in Katie laughing and Perez chasing her round the house.

Perez says: ‘Let’s have a hug and one night of fun.’ Katie will not give into this reconciliation and demands that he says sorry for what he said about the British public and he says: ‘I love the British public.’

Katie Hopkins also asks Perez to say sorry to the group about his treatment of Alexander and he says: ‘I’m sorry for the way I reacted to the hate I was getting.’ Kavana jumps in and tries to make him refine his apology to specifically include Alexander and Nadia says that they are moving the goalposts as he has already apologised.

In the snug area, Perez tells Nadia that Michelle and Calum have been saying that they have a problem with Nadia’s control issues and have been saying her food is too heavy.’ Kavana overhears this from the garden and shouts to Perez to stop gossiping and says: ‘Are we in school?’ Nadia says that it is a ‘disgrace’ that Calum has said that about her when all she has done is support him.

Like a schoolboy, Kavana quickly tells the group what he has overheard and Calum seeks out Nadia to clear things up. He says: ‘I’ve not said a bad word about you or your food.’

Calum tells Michelle about his altercation with Nadia and they are both confused about what Perez has said. Calum says: ‘I will not lose my cool.’

Perez tells the group that Katie Price and Keith have been ‘amazing and brilliant at all times.’ Perez says that Katie Hopkins should be ‘ashamed for bitching about Keith’. Katie Hopkins denies this and Perez says: ‘I can quote you.’

Nadia accuses Katie Hopkins of being’ two faced’. Calum puts his point of view forward and Nadia tells him to shut up. Calum says to Nadia: ‘You and Patsy should have gone together.’

Perez tells Michelle he is disappointed in her and tells the group: ‘When everyone gets out of here, they will see the truth.’

Calum, Nadia and Perez are once again trying to clarify what exactly Calum said about Nadia’s food and Perez admits that he ‘can’t remember the exact words.’

Michelle, Kavana and Katie Hopkins are discussing the evening’s events and Kavana asks: ‘So do we surrender or do we fight our ground?’

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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