Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Day of peace declared... but Perez Hilton is at it again


The Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates began today with a peace treaty.

After it all kicked off last night following Perez Hilton's shock return, the group awoke this morning a lot calmer.

Michelle Visage's tears had gone and Katie Hopkins seemed to have got over being kissed by Perez Hilton.

Nadia Sawalha declared from her bed today: "I'm not arguing."

"That's a deal," Katie Hopkins replied.

"A day of peace," agreed Kavana.

However things got a bit too cosy for Nadia when Katie decided to give her a full body hug on her bed.

"Don't start making love to me, that's a step too far!" she laughed. "Somebody get Katie Hopkins off me! That's too much even for me."

But one person not party to the truce was the man in the middle of it all, Perez Hilton.

He was busy stirring things up by leaking titbits about what he had seen during his time in his secret room.

Today he was at it again as he began to cause tension between Katie Price and Cami Li.

"I will say this, I did see you be very cross and upset with Katie Price," Perez told Cami. "There was a point where she gave you the opportunity, she was like 'Are you cross with me?' but you didn't say anything."


Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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